Synthesis Culture

Principle One: Focus on the Mission

Our mission is to cultivate supercollaborators, the kind of people who can work together to solve our civilization’s most challenging problems. We believe our mission is sufficiently challenging and important that we do not have time to discuss or pursue anything else.

Principle Two: Seek Good Explanations

An explanation is good to the extent it helps us make good decisions in pursuit of our mission. The process of discovering good explanations is conjecture and criticism.

Conjecture births new ideas, criticism culls and refines them. All conjectures are open to criticism, even when the founders feel very strongly about a particular conjecture.

Criticism is always welcome because we are fallibilists: we believe humans get things wrong. Hence, course corrections are necessary and expected. We cannot move closer to the truth if we believe we have already arrived.

The best criticism often comes from shipping. Use your judgment to decide when it’s time to pause debate and ship.

Principle Three: Embrace the Chaos

Synthesis is a uniquely bold adventure in education. Our approach is not to incrementally improve the existing system, but to create from first principles.

This means we often operate without a map. We must be comfortable with ambiguity.

But remember chaos in not the goal. The goal is to generate order from chaos.

Synthesis of Principles

We want to work with bold fallibilists who are prepared to dedicate a substantial portion of their working life in pursuit of our mission.